Are you a troublemaker in this world?

A religious perspective

Posted by: admin on August 15, 2013


“A mixed multitude also went up with them, and very much livestock, both flocks and herds.” (Exodus 12:38)

They say that, “He who fails to read from history is likely to repeat the same/past mistakes” And so, the last couple days, I embarked on a study of Exodus and Numbers; the two books that gives us
a detailed history of the children of Israel and more so as it relates to their journey/experience from Egypt to the promised land. I was especially intrigued with a group of people referred to as “a mixed multitude”. These were Egyptians and people of other nations that decided/chose to accompany the Israelites.

Reading the book “Patriarchs and prophets” by my favorite author, Ellen G White, one arrives at 5 factors about the group:

1.They had a selfish motive
2.They were trouble makers
3.They were complainers
4.They were the originators of the Sinai apostasy
5.They complained of the diet that God provided-Manna-Numbers 11

This group caused misunderstanding, were critical of Moses and God, led a revolt and wanted to return to Egypt. God in His mercy destroyed a large number of them. They never learned anything but instead continually challenged God. Their end was pathetic.

The church of God today is full of a mixed multitude; individuals who go to church not so much as to worship God but rather to cause trouble. I want to appeal to one and all to study the books of Numbers, Exodus and also get hold of Patriarchs and Prophets by Ellen G White. If you have chosen to go to church, then go with a desire to learn more about God. Stop disturbing those who are not interested with all kinds of politics. Keep your politics to yourself. They do not belong to the house of God.

Sir David Ochieng
President Sir David Ochieng Foundation

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