Most Kenyan Men

Raising Babies Who Are Not Theirs

Posted by: admin on August 22, 2013 Editor’s Choice

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Kenyan polygamous marriages are increasingly exposing people to the very real risk of contracting AIDS/HIV. The latest news on the syndrome puts polygamy at the top of the list as one of the causes.

Despite this very real danger, Kenyan women are suddenly ready and willing to become wife number two or even wife number three. Our search for reasons why this is happening will shock you.

The simple truth is that Kenyan women just want the guys to take responsibility for their children, without the extra burden of catering to the husband’s sexual whims.

To satisfy their sexual desires, most Kenyan women have affairs. The evidence is irrefutable. In many cases, most of the wives are not faithful. That’s true. Wives in polygamous marriages are not faithful simply because their husbands cannot completely satisfy their sexual desires.

A recent case in point was that of Mzee Akuku Danger who died at the ripe old age of 92. At his death he was said to have 120 children and 210 wives.

Simple math by a statistician clearly demonstrated that the children that he claimed to be his, were in effect, not sired by him. At least not all of them.

Here is the math as presented by our clever statistician. We quote our Einstein below:

“Mzee “danger” Akuku was 92 till he died, he had presumably 120 wives and 210 children. Granted, till he died he lived: 92*12= 1104 Months. Meaning he sired: 1104/210=~5 children/month ~2 kids/woman.

But, wait! 5 children includes the last month of his death! Impossible! Suppose his prime was on the 50th year, applying regression analysis, would imply that he sired 15 kids/ month.

But wait, he had 120 wives, meaning he would sleep with the first he does after 4 months.

But wait, all those women waiting had to be fully ovulated.

But wait how did he know who was fully ovulated among his 120 wives. With my regression analysis, Age but all other factors held constant- A man having sexual intercourse everyday of his life, women lining up, thighs open, and their ovum at prime every single day- my calculus was THAT MZEE COULD ONLY HAVE SIRED ONE CHILD PER MONTH.”

Our Einstein was right. Eureka, this is a break-through moment. Clearly it demonstrates what was already in the public domain.

Kenyan guys are raising children who are not their own. But this is something that they totally deserve. Because there are other men elsewhere raising their children, they should also raise the children that they have been “blessed” with in their polygamous marriages.

Opinion by writer who is a psychologist.

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