The tragedy in Kenya’s journalism

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Posted by: admin on August 7, 2013 

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It’s funny. Journalists are the same the world over. Now there was a sad incident over here the other day when a woman was walking her dog and out of the blue, a tree fell on her and crushed her to death. The dog survived. But never mind the dog, this anecdote is about journalists. Come news time, this is what one journalist reported. Or something similar.

“A tree fell on a woman as she walked her dog. There had been no warning that the tree would fall so the woman was not able to duck the tree in time. It is not known why the woman was walking her dog at that exact time. Further it is not known when the next tree will fall. Experts are at the site and are analysing the scene of the accident. People are being asked to stay away from the site until experts are sure that no other tree will fall”

Dan and I shook with laughter, as I told him that right there was his next job. He could become the next “when-is-the-next-tree-going-to-fall-expert”

This JKIA saga brings to home how irresponsible journalism can destroy something that has taken long to put together. It would seem that people do not realise that by propagating the news, texting and tweeting pictures, they are doing more damage than good.

Maybe just maybe, before you send that tweet and that picture you could try analysing the damage? Remember once you put it out there, you can’t take it back.

Opinion by Sir David Ochieng

Sir David Ochieng can be found hanging out  if you would like to read more of his insight.

Sir David Ochieng
President Sir David Ochieng Foundation

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