Things Men Should Do

So That They Can Be Respected

Posted by: admin on August 14, 2013 

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There is a kisii adage “ebinto nonya nechisese chiangete” which I need to borrow and use to address the unmarried men. I know that you are of age and I assume that you know what you are doing. None of our business really. Where it becomes our business (as parents, community/church leaders) is when you take upon yourself to inflict pain on others knowingly.

The things that I will be saying here may not make sense to you now but believe me when I say that a time is coming when they will sure make a lot of sense. Then you will regret all the unfairness that you did to others . Like?

1.Eloping some ones daughter without the permission of her parents

2.Planning and executing marriage/wedding plans without the approval of the girl’s parents

3. Cheating and wasting someone’s time and dumping them over minute reasons

4.Dumping someone like trash on learning that she is pregnant. How dare to you do that? Remember that even when you pay child support, the life of that girl/woman is affected for ever. Children are not easy to raise. Any one told you that?

5.Taking someone’s child and influencing her not to talk to her parents and family members

Listen to me my friends, when your time comes to marry,

1.Follow God’s written guidelines

2.Talk or let the parents of the girl know what you are up to

3.Do not interfere with any ones school

4.Avoid the temptation of playing double and of using and dumping at the same time

But if you ignore all that, I want you to remember the following

1.Anything evil that we do unto others will sure come back to us

2.We harvest that which we plant- Galatians 6:7

3.Malipo ni hapa hapa

If you have offended any parents or girls, do what it takes to repent and ask for forgiveness. Do not by any means pretend that all is well. You know very that you have no peace of mind. So, do the right thing. Will you?

Sir David Ochieng
The President
Sir David Ochieng Foundation

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