5 Ways To Handle Rejection


with rejection – what to do about it – will help you to cope and recover more quickly. However, if you feel rejected whether by an ending, by infidelity, by criticism, by being ‘brushed off’ or by being ignored having some understanding of why, and some strategies to see you through, can be a real lifeline. Still feeling the sadness, anger, and guilt? These tips will help you pick up yourself and move on with life.

  • Acknowledge that anyone can be rejected. Moreover, rejection is happening all around you, all of the time. In other words, you are not alone. Clearly, you’d have preferred that it didn’t happen but it has, yet no matter who you are, rejection will happen now and then. Trying to avoid it will limit your life’s experience, not improve it.
  • Use the rejection as a learning moment. If you didn’t get the job or the promotion, ask why. The response you get may show you what you can do to improve your performance and avoid rejection the next time.


  • Think positively. It can be hard to think positively when you have been rejected, but try to turn the tables on this. If someone declines your offer for a social event, think about all the times when you have said no to others as well. Also, sometimes, getting rejected is a blessing in disguise. It may provide you with the space for something bigger that is about to happen!


  • Have confidence in who you are. Learn to have confidence that people will like you just as you are and to make yourself the best “you” that you can be. Engage in hobbies and activities that you. Laugh and sparkle! People will respond in amazing ways and you will get to experience less rejection!


  • Forgive yourself. If you know it was your fault and we all know when it is, forgive yourself. If you cheated, if you said something stupid, if you behaved inappropriately, whatever it was… forgive yourself. Laugh at it, shake your head and start fresh with someone new. Even if it wasn’t as dramatic as this, but you feel you weren’t good enough. You didn’t dress well enough, you weren’t thin enough, you didn’t say the right thing, and maybe you said the wrong things. Just forgive yourself and change it for the next time.
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