How To Tell When A Woman Just Had Séx

Did you know that just by walking down the street, or across the office, people may be able to figure out that you’ve gotten láid?

Because having a váginal orgásm does more than just put a little pep in your step. It actually causes you to walk differently, with a longer stride and a greater pélvic rotation.

In a European study, trained séxologists (nice job title) were able to pick out, with an 81 percent accuracy, which women had an orgásm just by watching them walk.

But that’s not the only way someone can tell if a woman has had séx. Here are a few others:

The Glow: There’s a scientific reason for us getting the flushéd in the cheeks look after séx — more blood flow — but what about that aura of calm that seems to float around us after the fact? It happens. Recently, my husband and I went on a post-coital grocery store trip and ran in to some friends. The wife remarked to me, “You’re glowing,” with a little wink and a nod.

The Cat Who Ate The Canary Grin: This is also known as the Smirking Smile and if you see a woman looking sideways with this look on her face, you’ll know, yep, she just got láid. She has a secret that’s making her go through her day with a sense of fulfillment. Because, seriously, nobody is that happy unless they just had séx with a happy ending.

The Wét Spot: I know this is gross but getting séminal moisturé leaking through to your pants can be an unfortunate byproduct of having séx, at least if you don’t use a condóm or your partner doesn’t pull out. And it’s not one of the good ways you would want someone to be able to tell that you recently had séx. Wéaring a pad post-intercourse can help prévent this — just sayin’.

The Unfláppably Buoyánt Mood: A post-intercoursé risé in é dorphins can give you a fresh pérspective on the annoyances of every day life: Go ahead, honk at me because I’m going too slow. Cut in front of me in the check-out line at the store. And let my kids scream at each other while they argue over who gets to sit in the front seat on the way to school. I. Don’t. Care. Thanks to a little early morning sunrise surprise, nothing is going to put me in a bad mood.


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