Gor Mahia are KPL champs: I said so munching pizza

Dan Sserenukuma

With vicarious thrill supplemented by the right amount of adrenaline as was expected- and of course a copious injection of occasional sharp deadly involuntary blows I generously gave the immediate ardent K’ogalo fanatic seated next to me, are some of the moments that kept my sitting allowances in contact with the stadium seats.www.davidochieng.wordpress.com


I am still certain that the definition of a deadly soccer player- who is capable of taking lives of opponents in 90 minutes, preferably a goalkeeper or a defender using the greatest of techniques, even if it involves using heavy artillery like a gun to shoot the left back in the chest, a sword to remove the right back’s tethers and of course a grenade to blow the head of the keeper is Sserenkuma.

Danny Sserenkuma.. Ooh Danny.

Without Rama Salim’s help this time, he managed to break through the Tusker FC defence using a shield, pierced the centre back with a machete and having made sure that the sword completely decimated him, drew his riffle and pulled the trigger, that just wounded the goalkeeper enough to allow him fumble the ball into the net.

The next combination of Sserenkuma and Rama will be lethal- over the next two games. You probably know what that means to the title race.

Last night was long, but then again, how could I sleep!
The title race is over and Gor Mahia are the Tusker Premier League champions for 2012.. You bet it.. I said it.. All this while eating Pizza.. 
Life is sooo good.

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