The Gor Mahia- Tom Mboya axis

Ever wondered why Gor Mahia fanatics visit the Tom Mboya monument in Nairobi’s Central business district after matches?

I have been asked this question several times by people who want to know why.

And by others who think that what we do is silly.

Today I will attempt a short and precise answer for the query… from one of the club’s ardent fanatics.

Sir David Ochieng’

There’s a benign apparition of the name ‘Mahia’

It can be hard to explain but I say it is more of a superstitious than usual feeling, as the fans gather around the monument, moments after thrashing their opponents. 

It evokes spirits, raises morale and binds one closer to the cause.

Not easy to say, but it is a thing that only matters when you are a K’ogalo fan.. when you are in the groove.. When you are part of the army.


It’s our culture. You can’t take it from us; The migration of the fans from the stadium, the manageable decibels from our vuvuzelas, the just inconveniencing songs of joy every match-day and the occasional but fading arrogance displayed by the emotional fanatics. 

They are inborn. They are innate. Yes, they are!

They are K’ogalo.


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