Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray today for those who are experiencing mental health issues in their own lives or in their families and also for blind eyes to be opened in the month of November-spiritually and literally. Lord I ask that all depression,schizophrenia,bi-polar and other labels proclaimed again and again by professionals is cursed in Jesus’ name. Jesus take authority over the minds of each and every single one of your suffering children-‘For we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a SOUND mind.’ Glory to God.  Jesus I pray that every undealt with Trauma in the lives of each individual experiencing mental issues is eliminated by the power of your blood and the healing touch of your Shekinah Glory power. We cry out to you Abba Father, asking for songs of love and deliverance and hope to be released into the atmosphere right now. Shine your light into the dark places. I come against any spirit of misinformation which results in people foolishly stopping their medication suddenly – I pray that all patients are responsible and reach a place of stability and good relationship with their Psychiatrists and Psychologists so that they are at peace with all men. I thank you for the men and women you use to be your vessels. Anoint them, appoint them – give them faith in You above all else oh God and give them a revelation of the true workings of the soul and spirit. We decree today a supernatural aligning of the Soul and of the Spirit. ALL condemnation caused by unhealthy thinking is fleeing right now! May we come to an understanding that we must talk to our Soul-‘Why downcast O my Soul?’cried David- and receive Supernatural revelation on the root cause of our pain. I break generations of mental illness in families right now in Jesus name!

Blind eyes Lord. Open the eyes of our heart Lord-we want to see you. Come like a rushing wind and like a man of FIRE Jesus, we want to see you! You have said that you have COME that we might have life and life in abundance so we cry out for more of you. Great are you Lord-at the mention of your name, darkness flees. Let the blind eyes be opened now! Let the eyes of our heart be opened-give us vision and wisdom to see things like you do. I pray that your children who search for what they cannot define encounter you in dreams, visions and the eyes of those who walk with you already. I curse eyes closed by cataracts, unformed eye-sockets and eyes turned misty by pain from the past which fail to see you now! Open Father open Father what Satan tried to shut!

Lastly Lord-I decree Lord that this current attack on marriages in the church especially must cease! I petition you father, thanking you for the flood of grace you have placed over newlyweds this year-I pray a hedge of protection around them. Lord those who have borne children with their partners and who find their husbands being taken by the Jezebels of this age-we say SATAN NO MORE-the tears are staining their garments of praise O Lord. The witchcraft these women are calling on to lure away these men we declare void in Jesus name! Furthermore, Lord we declare that what Satan means for harm, you will use for good. Do not let the men become spiritually impotent O God-raise a hand of grace for restoration in marriage O God-the breaking hearts of your daughters is like a ribcage cracking. Birthing, the children of these women cannot be devoured Oh God by this attack on their family stability. God I come against the onslaught of transmission of HIV/AIDS from unrepentant men to their wives-especially in Africa. May they live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living God-may the marriages in Africa become an example to the world of Godly restoration-let a NEW THING spring forth, let Tirzah find her beloved again. Nothing is impossible for you O Ancient Of Days for Victorious One, you have swept us off our feet.

Glory to God for we have encountered the King-the risen Christ of whom we do Sing!



A Prayer to the Lord of Heavens


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