His mercies


He caught me self harming yesterday. He was so disappointed in me. I am too that I started up again. He thinks this is the first time. I’m not gonna make things worse.

I dont know what to pray Lord, except that I need you.The evil magenta-y fog has come over me and I am tired. scared. and angry. Help me Lord.

I can’t pray cause I cant see outside of this fog – that just never wants to end and seems to have swallowed me whole. I feel like no matter what happens now, I’m stuck. Arms close to my chest; I mean you can never know the pain that lies within that magenta-ey fog. Tread firmly as any soft wind in the magenta-ey cloud? Will definitely plow ya right over.

I can describe to you the inside of this cloud but I cant remember the awesomeness of your glory. The kindness of your grace.

Lord please help me.

I cry out to you.


His Mercies


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