But I am poor and needy; Yet the Lord thinks upon me. You are my help and my deliverer; Do not delay, O my God. (Psalms 40:17 NKJV)


Lord, I lift up her to you. I ask that your hand of mercy would be upon her and just strengthen her. She needs you desperately today as the news she will get is either very scary or very platonic. No in-between. I ask that you would grant her peace and grace. Lord open her eyes so that may see you at work in her life. I thank you for the peace that has come upon her but ask for a peace to come upon him as he doesnt know and he is such a worrier. Please Lord just go before them. Work mightily in their situation I pray.

Lord, I lift up my him to you. Hes about to start working his triple shift. I ask that you would strength him and keep him. Please Lord protect his mind from the slings and arrows of the enemy. He is so tired and stressed out and needs a rest I pray that you would work in his life. open his eyes Lord so that he may see your truth. Lord please I feel so insignificant in how to pray for him. Please Lord teach me how to pray for him. Open my eyes as well as his. I commit our lives and marriage to you.

Lord I lift my them to you. I ask that you would protect them and keep them. That they would come to know you as their Lord and savior even from a young age – but more importantly that they would understand what they are doing as they accept you into their lives.  God, please protect them. Let no harm come upon them as they grow, please keep them pure and holy.

I love you Lord and thank you. I commit this day to you, I ask that not my will but your will be done in our lives. I commit myself to you and ask that you would help me remember to take all the medicines I need to take so that I can function normally. Lord please. I commit this situation to you. I love you Lord and thank you. I commit everything to you Lord.



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