Girls carrying condoms

Next time she pops some rubber from her handbag, don’t be scared. A woman who carries condoms is simply health conscious

Picture this. You are at the point of no return. The passion is top gear and the urge to let it ‘flow’ is killing both of you.

You are not sure if you should tell her you need to dash out and get some condoms.

Scared of her response, you decide to risk. She pushes you away, reaches for her handbag and voila… a packet of condoms.  Any man who has been in the above situation knows it can be such an awkward moment.

First thing that comes to mind? She is either a hooker or a ‘night nurse’!  For years, women who carry condoms have been labelled ‘easy’ or ‘loose’.

But this is not the case. The modern woman is sexually liberated and knows what she wants. A woman who carries condoms is simply health conscious.

Women tend to engage in more sexual activities than men hence the need to be extra cautious.

Here’s why condoms are a girl’s best friend:


Most times men forget to carry condoms, thus a woman who has some in her handbag will save the day.

Bet it’s because women are scared of contracting STDs and getting pregnant. No sober woman wants to get pregnant for a man whose second name she can’t remember!

She picks condom brand

A man will not have a second thought when purchasing a cheaper version of condom. Durable brand is the last thing on his mind, especially if it’s a one-night stand.

However, a woman who carries her own condom will carry what suits her especially the flavour or design in order to enjoy maximum pleasure.

Nothing can stop her from having fun. A woman who carries condoms isn’t going to let anything restrict her from having fun because she knows that she wants.

Carrying condoms is discreet

Ever wondered what we carry in our handbags? There you have it! The many compartments in our handbags offer a safe place to stack as many condoms as we want without being noticed.

So next time you are tempted to go through your girlfriend’s handbag, you are in for a shocka wocka!

Don’t say you were not warned. Carrying condoms is not trashy, it is sexy!

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Why condoms are a girl’s best friend


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