See how this significant transit of Jupiter will affect your Sun-Sign chart.


Every year Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, changes signs. Traditional astrology calls this mighty lord of the planets (Zeus, to the Greeks) ‘The Greater Benefic,’ meaning the most powerful and favorable influence (Venus being the ‘Lesser Benefic.’) Jupiter brings opportunities, optimism and the faith necessary to expand your life in the direction of your dreams. The key word is ‘expansion’ and is the over-all principle of Jupiter’s influence. Jupiter also expands consciousness and helps you to perceive ‘the big picture’ of life. Nothing this super-sized planet does is small! The Jupiter essence includes philosophy and learning, truth, justice and wisdom, mercy, idealism, aspiration and generosity. Jupiter’s influence can also manifest in less desirable ways through exaggeration and over confidence, extravagance and over indulgence, self-importance, and gullibility. On June 26th 2013, Jupiter enters the sign of Cancer, where it’s considered to be ‘exalted,’ meaning that its energies are expressed through this sign at its best. This past year it’s been transiting through Gemini, the sign opposite to the sign it rules, Sagittarius. This was considered to be its ‘detriment,’ or least optimal expression. Scattered mental energies and information overload many have experienced this past year are classic Jupiter-in-Gemini manifestations. In Cancer, Jupiter’s benevolent energy can help us expand emotionally – the sensitive, compassionate and generous heart that Cancer astro-energy radiates is a perfect match for the expansive and positive Jupiter energy. As a cardinal sign, Cancer ‘gets things moving’ and with Jupiter in Cancer it can encourage us to get in touch with our deep emotional truth and expand our very notion of ‘family’ in a way that our world needs!

Read on to see how this significant transit will affect your Sun-Sign chart.

ARIESHOME VALUES! This is a perfect time to do what you need to create a feeling of security and inner peace in your life. Your deepest sense of yourself, your past and your family are all areas where any effort toward improvement or reconciliation can pay off big time. You may seek to move to a more desirable home, fix up your current home or invest in real estate. If you can, this is the year to go for it! Home life in general is blessed under this influence; your relationships with your parents, kids and sense of belonging are all under a fortunate ray.

TAURUSNETWORK! Jupiter expands your contacts and communication skills and as a result your whole perspective of the world becomes larger. If you’re interested in writing, or if a course of study has been calling you, this is the year to get those wheels in motion – it will serve your life down the road. Travel may beckon or become necessary, in which case you’ll learn much and enjoy the ride. Closer to home, your relationship with brothers and sisters or other close relations are up-beat during this transit. Over all, this is a time when old mental patterns easily give way to a broader, more evolved perspective. Reach out and connect!

GEMINIVALUES and RESOURCES. Efforts to expand your material resources are under favorable influences now. As long as you don’t over extend yourself, this is the year to improve or expand your business, start a new job or put yourself out in the market place in a bigger way. Ask yourself what you really value, what your goals truly are, so that the expansive Jupiter energies are focused in directions that genuinely serve you. Your inner resources can be parlayed into material rewards now, and your self -worth will benefit accordingly. You’ll learn a lot in the process and come out way ahead, so long as your optimism is accompanied by realism and awareness.

CANCERGROWTH and EXPANSION! This year kicks off a major growth cycle for you. Your very sense of self and what you are capable of will expand considerably this year, and you’ll learn a great deal in the process. Your tendency to withdraw is much less in evidence and you’ll enjoy terrific rewards from coming out of your shell, taking realistic risks and going for your dreams. Favorable circumstances, contacts and relationships come into your life to assist in this process, and you’ll also assist others through your efforts at this time. It’s a great year for growth in all areas – spiritually, materially, psychologically and creatively. Your self-confidence gets a boost and with it your world becomes bigger. Just don’t over-do it with a know-it all attitude and you will be on a fast ride to the top.

LEOSOUL FOOD. Your ability to tap into your soul deepens this year and you’ll learn a lot about your inner self, your spiritual dimension and connection to the universe. This is a great year to explore healing in all forms, whether it’s wounds from your past, or as a gift you offer to others. All such efforts receive a cosmic blessing and will serve you in years to come. Your natural compassion and desire to express that in the world will open up in greater ways. Your imagination and intuitive senses are heightened and you may take up a course of study in spiritual or psychological fields. Let yourself open to new ways of perceiving and feeling the world – your whole life will expand as a result.

VIRGOGOALS and ALLIES. This is a year when efforts to move in the direction of your highest goals for the future will pay off big time. Your dreams, ideals and visions are uppermost in your mind and you can attract the alliances you need to achieve them. This is a good time to expand your circle – connecting with groups of like-minded people is the way to go when it comes to achieving your goals. You may feel inspired to work for social causes or improve the world in some way. Allow your vision to expand to include more than just yourself. As you include others and work for the good of a cause beyond yourself alone, your own personal hopes for your life will be brought closer to fruition.

LIBRAHIGH PROFILE. Your professional life, is due for an upgrade and your efforts to improve and expand in your career receive a cosmic blessing. Your hard work can pay off now, and you can get ahead and receive greater recognition this year – just don’t jump the gun and let your ego trip you on the way up! This is the year to go for the promotion, ask for the raise or show your work to those in a position to give you a hand up. Your self-confidence grows this year, and you have the opportunity to learn a great deal as you take your place with greater assurance.

SCORPIOJOURNEY of DISCOVERY. You’ll feel drawn to learn more about the world – spiritually, philosophically or culturally, or all of the above! This is a great year to embark on any kind of education program, as either a student or a teacher. Your quest may involve actual foreign travel or relationships with people from other countries. If you’re a writer, publishing gets easier, or if you’ve wanted to be one, this is the year to start. Opportunities that support your efforts can be drawn to you. Your entire world-view can expand considerably this year; your personal journey enters a period of maturity and depth.

SAGITTARIUSRECEIVING and PERCEIVING. All kinds of partnerships that involve shared resources receive a cosmic blessing under this transit. Business alliances thrive this year, and if you need a loan from the bank, chances are you’ll get it. Generally speaking, you’ll benefit from others at this time, materially and in terms of intensifying intimacy. This is also a year of personal transformation where you can delve into the realm of deep psyche and gain a greater understanding of your life, which can prove extremely powerful and positive. If you are drawn to study spiritual, metaphysical or psychological subjects, this is the year to make headway in this area – the results can expand your life enormously.

CAPRICORNCONNECT. Relationships of all kinds, including intimate partnerships, will grow this year. New people will come into your life with whom you can form strong bonds. Existing relationships receive a cosmic upgrade and teach you a great deal about yourself in the process. You may find yourself involved with people from foreign countries or whose background is quite different than yours. You will have opportunities to form connections with people who expand your world, and you’ll also benefit from reaching out to others for any kind of assistance you might need. As long as you enter partnerships with the attitude of mutual benefit, this year is great for connecting with others in every way!

AQUARIUSA JOB WELL DONE. You’ll have plenty of work to do this year, and also the stamina and vision to not only get it done, but to do it well. The volume of work on your plate may feel restricting and you may wonder when you’ll be rewarded for all the hours you’re putting in! Don’t worry – the rewards will come; this period may not be super glamorous, but you’ll impress those who matter and pave the way for the rewards up ahead. It’s also a good year to get healthy routines in place – your body is strong under this transit, but watch your diet, as Jupiter’s expansion may extend to your waistline.

PISCESEXPRESS YOURSELF! Naturally creative, Pisces will experience a growth spurt this year in all areas of personal self-expression. Your ability to speak your truth with courage and self-esteem is blessed under this transit, and your relationships blossom as a result of your authenticity. Artistic projects and all kinds of creative work are energized. Relationships and romance also get a boost this year and you may find yourself involved with a love interests from a foreign country or very different background than yourself. As sensitive as you are, this year you don’t feel like hiding yourself. As long as you take others into account, your increased self-assurance will benefit you enormously.

Jupiter the Planet of Abundance enters Nurturing Cancer

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