Broken… but don’t stop believing!

There are many testimonies out there of victims of rape and various abuses that were totally broken by the events that occurred in their lives. In this brokenness, feelings of anger, resentment, guilt, shame, low self-esteem, and total unworthiness overwhelms them. This leads them down a path of further brokenness as they begin making wrong decisions in their lives. They are consumed by the darkness around them and can’t see the Light to lead them out of the darkness of brokenness…

But don’t stop believing! Don’t stop believing in yourself or in God! He is there in all of your pain and is waiting to pick up the pieces of your broken life… if you allow Him.

Here are two examples of rape victims who have found The Light to lead them out of the darkness…

I am little, I am broken, I am good.

He says he likes me!!! “date rape…”.

Please join me in prayer for all victims of abuse whether rape or any of the sexual abuses, verbal, emotional, psychological, physical, and even workplace abuse…  all abuses! I pray that God will rescue them from the darkness that consumes them and reveal His Light to lead them out of their situations and expose the abusers. Lord, bring healing and restoration to all the broken and raise them up for You to use for Your Glory… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.



Broken… but don’t stop believing!

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