Brief Correction of the Luo family tree, lineage and Migrations

From: Sir David Ochieng’ The Great’


I have been reading a lot of concocted stories about the Luo family tree lineage by one Ajos Wuod Atiga Nyar-Ocholla., and although I am not disagreement with him, I should like to put forward the following corrections.

We start from Wau Province now one of the states in Southern Sudan.

There was a serious outbreak of anthrax {Opere} which whipped out the entire livestock that were owned by the Lwos {Luo}. Following this incident, which experts says took place around 1300 the community resorted to fishing along the River Nile for survival. And this is how it earned the derogatory names Jo-Oluo-Aora ( Meaning Luos}.

Previous the Lwo group had briefly occupied Nuba Hills, which are located North of Khartoum, the present of the Nubians {Wanubi},small community of Negroes believed to be the closest cousins of the Lwo Speaking groups. This the first stop after Egypt, a country which the group had conquered and ruled for some times.

The Chieftain at the material time was Sinakuru.He is the father of Podho{1} who in turn fathered Ringruok,who is the father of Owat,and Owat is the father of Twaifo, the of Jok {1}.Jok [1} fathered a son called Nayo,and it was Nayo fathered Jok {11} who is the father of Ramogi [1}.

Rampgi {1} had two sons Aruwa and Podho{2}.

Aruwa and Podho were involved in a serious dispute after Podho speared an elephant to scare away a herds of elephants which were destroying the family farm of sorghum. Aruwa is reported to have insisted in getting back his very spear, though he knew that the animal had escaped with the spear sticking on its body to the thick forest and the spear was irretrievable and the issue was near impossible.

The two brothers disagreed and got separated each choosing and following his own path. Podho chose to move eastwards, while Aruwa move westward.

Today the descendants of Aruwa are the varius community and tribes scattered all over Africa, most of them have settled In Centra and West Africa. They include the communities like the Acholis, Gang. Chopi, Aluru, Langi {Lang’o}Kwa. Lughbuara, Madi, Kuku, Mondo, Lukoya,Lubira, Yom. Others are Siluk and Dinka and Nuer.

The descendants of Aruwa are scattered all over Africa, though the majority lives in Southern Sudan, Uganda and Central African Republic. But few of these people could be traced in Chad, Cameroun, Ghana and Nigeria.

After the two disagreed and separated, Podho who moved eastwards got several sons who included Ramogi[2} Lang’ni, Omia, Okombo, Didandand Muwiru.

Ramogi {2} had two sons, Nyaluo and Ramogi{3} who is commonly known as Ramogi Ajuwanbg”. He earned the extra name Ajuwang’ because his father Ramogi {2} died while he was still in his mother’s womb.

Nyaluo fathered Omolo {1}who is the father of Ochielo and Ochiel {Ochiel} had two sons Ragem{Gem} and Migenya {Ugenya}. And Migenya became the father of Anam Lwanda, Omolo [2}, Gor, Deje, Waljack {Kager}, Nyamwot, Rachiewo and Nyiner.

The Southern Luo got scattered while they were travelling eastwards. Some of their people lost their way while travelling through Uganda and got lost and melted into some other tribes in that country..The Ugenya and Jok group settled in a place called Band in Busoga, while Owiny, Muwiru and Omolo group came through Tororo and Mt Elgon.

It was Ramogi [3} or Ramogi Ajuwang” who arrived in Kenya and temporarily settled and built a home in a place called Ligala in Bunyala.The place is still called by that name t-date. He then crossed Rwambwa and Yala Swamp to Got Ramogi in what is the presently called Yimbo-Kadimo.

When Ramogi Ajuwang’ reached Got Ramogi he had his eldest son Jok [3} And Jok got a son there who was called Imbo.

Imbo had nine sons, namely Mumbo, Dimu {Dimo}, Nyinek, Iro, Magak, Nyiywen, Nyikal. Rado and Julu.

Mumbo is the father of Muljwok, and Uyawa and Muljwo is the father of Alego, Chwanya, and Omia.

IT WAS Alego who the first to moved eastwards from Got Ramogi’s ancestral home. He crossed River Yala and settled in a place called Nyandiwa .Here Alego faced the stiffest resistance from some concocted smaller Bantu tribes which had sworn not to allow the Joka=Owiny and Joka-Ramogi to set foot in this territor, but Alego had somehow superior force which overcome the Kombe Kombe group as they were called then. These are the people who run across River Yala and settled in Yimbo and form parts of the 54 sub-tribes living in Yimbo today.But they were later overturned and conquered by the Domo, Owil, Nyiywen and Wareje group which were part of Joka-Owiny.

It is arguably that nearly all the Luo sub-clans living in Nyanza might have settled in Alegoi before moving to their present land.

I am kindly requesting your historian Ajos Wuod Atiga Nyar-Ocholla to do some home work and studies. He could either endorse my version or dispute these historical facts and open up public debate.

I could go further, but let me pen off here and allow him time to respond. Although agreed with him on many other facts, but most of his facts stands to be corrected and I should like to encourage him to go ahead and do much serious research before posting some stories to the website or compare notes with other writers.




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