I have often wondered at the mysterious relationship between Kenyans of Luo descent, and the language English. Luo’s seem to have a love most natural for the language English. As a self appointed metaphysician, my duty is not only to notice phenomena, my duty is to derive the root causes of the phenomena I chance to witness.


It did not therefore take me by surprise to see American adults, both black and white, weeping and shedding tears of joy, when our Luo Son, Barack Obama Jnr, took to the podium. Yes, I was not shocked. Luo’s are descended from an Englishman who must have had a sexual encounter with a Luo woman at Wau, somewhere in Southern Sudan. Similar stories are also told of Dr. Robert Ouko, the learned Luo who was mistaken for the President of Kenya. Rest in Peace.

That has always been my thesis for explaining the luo love for the language English. That Luos must have descended from an Englishman.

Howsoever, few hours ago, I stumbled upon some interesting information, which might finally unlock the cause of the Luo love for english, and vice versa. Could the language be a lover of Luos? Can a language love? Let us go slowly, as we explore the interesting love affair between Luos and the language English.

The working thesis of this article is both simple and straightforward. Barack Obama has the Englo-Luo Gene. Further, that the aforementioned is cause of his political stardom.

From a biological standpoint, a gene is the molecular unit of heredity of a living organism. The gene that is responsible for the love of English is called the ENGLO-LUO GENE. This gene is found only in luos. Says who? I have said it. Shall we not let the matter rest? Did you know that Shakespeare invented over 2000 words, now part of the language English?

But, all change always begins with one man. Yes, change does not begin with a multitude. Individual visionaries have always been the creators of change. The unthinking majority is always content to trudge on, sheepishly!

That change, the Englo-Luo Revolution began with ONE MAN, a Luo Chief by the name of Odera Akango’o. Odera Akang’o is the man who spearheaded the Englo-Luo Revolution. Here is the story. In 1915, the colonial government sent Odera Akang’o, ruoth of Gem, to Kampala, Uganda. Odera, the chief was thoroughly impressed with British mannerisms etc

Odera Akang’o was thoroughly awed by the British settlement there. Men who are impressed must also impress.

Upon his return from the Diaspora, the wise and good chief initiated a FORCED PROCESS of adopting western styles of “schooling, dress, and hygiene”. This would automatically result in the rapid education of the Luo in the language English. Is it a wonder that Luos are amongst the most educated in Kenya? It all began with Odera Akang’o.

The puzzle of the Luo love for the language English is therefore solved.

However, Odera Akango, in liking and loving the British ways, was simply responding to the Englo-Luo Gene type that was biologically embedded in his being. It cannot have otherwise been. Stories have been told of new born luo babies who cry in Shakespearean English. Such miraculous occurrences cannot be explained minus the Englo-Luo gene.

Luos are a loving people. Therefore, having mastered the Queen’s language, they sought to export it overseas.

Therefore, on the 15th day of the month of August in 1930, a man was born. To this Luo man, one task was entrusted. His duty was to export the Englo-Luo Gene to the diaspora, sorry, to the United states of America. This intelligent and gifted Luo son fully lived to his purpose. The Englo-Luo gene boarded an airplane, and was exported to America.

The man who carried the gene was Barack Obama Snr. The facilitator was one Thomas Joseph Odhiambo Mboya!

The latter is fondly known as Tom Mboya. He enabled 81 Kenyans to be flown to the US of America to study in 1959.

These two Luo greats would later perish in circumstances that are not worthy of recollection. Howsoever, they successfully did fulfil their purpose. The first black President of the greatest nation existing, Barack Obama Jr, is probably the most powerful man alive, today. Yes, the Englo-Luo gene had done it again!

Yes, the Englo-Luo Gene Can!

There is no doubt in my mind, that the Englo-Luo gene is 100% responsible for Barack Obama’s political stardom!

Long Live Ramogi Ajwang’

Long Live Odera Akang’o

Long Live Jaramogi Ajuma Oginga Odinga

Long Live Tom Mboya

Long Live Barack Obama Senior

Long Live President Barack Obama

Long Live English

Sir David Ochieng’
Homa Bay,Kenya

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