Days of our lives

The younger years may fade but childhood remains within
Like a constant trace which can never be erased by time.
Always bound to a paradise that is evergreen
Where all poets never lose any enchanting rhyme.

I remember the time when the glow calls attention
As the nightingale and robin join in one chorus,
The sea reflects the glory of the blue horizon
And the harmony combines with no one to refuse.

The energy I spent in games has never been lost.
Everything I did rewinds unto me like a dream.
I have gained experiences that I can proudly boast,
For they are treasures to keep when comes the moonlight gleam.

O my friends! I can never forget those faithful years,
The times we wished upon the stars as we share our joys!
I cherish the times we group to dry each other’s tears
And satisfy the mute and silent with friendly voice.

Rest assured, all these things I can never forget,
For they are simple precious gems unworthy of trade.
Childhood sings with me in a legendary duet
Like the old times when history is perfectly made.

Thanks to Him who taught me to live and gave what I need.
Now I bear the fruits of summer from being a seed!

By ochiengxavier Posted in Bloggs

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