Help someone today – Donate if you can

What has blocked your eyes for you to be blinded like this?
Or what kind of vagueness touched you for your sight to cease?
Before you, there are people that are poor and hungry.
Why can’t you see them? They are in dire need of mercy.

Today, there are people who are eating cockroaches
For they have no choice but to eat this world’s dirtiness.
They’re forced to swallow the poisonous and unhealthy
Hoping someday that from poverty they will be free.

You are rich and extravagant but these people die.
You can laugh but these people do nothing but to cry.
With power and influence you’re not satisfied
But these people only wish good defenders beside.

Until when shall you cover your eyes from this picture?
Can’t you see it? Can’t you see these people’s lost future?
Will you let these stories keep living in our today?
I hope you will see the needs of this world someday.

Look at this aching world but don’t just look at the pain.
Look at this aching world but look and stare not in vain.

By ochiengxavier Posted in Bloggs

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