Top Ten Richest Lakeside Celebrities:

1. Susan Owiyo

This flamboyant Afro_fusionist is worth Ksh 97 million, She started her music career back in 1998 alongside Sally Oyugi. she owns a good home in Nairobi and drives macedez discovery worth 3.5 million. She has performed in Paris, Newyork, Tilburg Netherlands, Baltimore Maryland alongside very big names like Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide, Cindy Lauper e.t.c.

2.Denis Oliech

The first ever kenyan professional footballer in France is worth Ksh 85 milllion. The Ajjacio and Kenya National Team striker has reaped good cash from his over ten years of professional soccer. He is among the first Kenyans to buy a HUMMER

3. Mercy Myrah

This luo songbird who was at times branded as the next Annah Mwale of Africa is worth Ksh 71 million . She at times changed her residence to USA. She is best known for her hit song’Tie dero’

4. Louis Otieno

This celebrated journalist has an estimated net worth of Ksh 63 million . Apart from journalism, Louis is also an enteprenuer in real estates. The jounalist who was once rumoured to be ‘broke’ owns several rental estates in Nairobi and Thika.

5. Divock Origi

This young Belgium based footballer, son of the legendary Mike Okoth is estimated to be worth Ksh 57.8 million at only 17 yrs of age. He plays for Belgium under 18 national team and classified as the best striker of his age.

6. Lupita Nyong’o

This young Hollywood actress came into limelight after the release of a movie “Twelve years a slave’ of which  she was a star. She is worth Ksh 48.2 million as at January 10th 2014 but this may rise due to various awards she has won currently and go hand in hand with cash.

7. Tom Mboya

This award winning Journalist, formerly with citizen TV, also an enterprenuer is estimated to be worth Ksh 39.2 million . He owns three boutiques in Nairobi and imports Italian suits. He also has a travel company in Nairobi.


Juliani , a gospel Artist takes position 8 with a net worth of Ksh 32 million, he owns an organization that advocates for farming, clothing label and 4 public service vehicles in Nairobi .

9. Erick Omondi

, a celebrated comedian . He worths Ksh 29 million and owns two rental houses in Langata Nairobi, cashing in over ksh 200,000 as rent. he has a contract with a property website OLX to the tune of 1.7 million.

10. Maji Maji

The dude of the Unbwogable fame wraps up the list with a net worth of 28.6 million. Maji Maji is one of the revolutionizers of Luo Hip Hop alongside Gidi Gidi who now works at Radio Jambo. Maji Maji owns a recording studio, A hotel in Kilifi and a distribution company

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