Bobby Ogolla believes in the team


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Bobby Ogolla believes in the team

Published on 08 March 2014


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Assistant coach Bobby Ogola believes in the team they have and banks his hopes on the promising squad.

He expressed his desire for the team to win against Esperance on Sunday in the return leg of CAF champion league match in Tunis.

“We have talent in the team and individual players who can deliver at all levels. If our last performance against Esperance in Nairobi last weekend is anything to go by, then we are capable of shocking the home team. We need to beat them here in their to progress to the next stage.

All l want is our boys to play a game of their lives because they have seen a win is possible regardless of a name or match venue,” said Bobby.

The assistant is excited to come back to Tunisia not as a player this time but as an assistant coach of Gor Mahia. It can be remembered how Gor Mahia denied Esperance the Mandela Cup in 1987 after a two all draw in Tunis.

High spirit in camp ahead of Sunday’s match By Wesbsite team

Published on 08 March 2014


Written by Website Team
 With less that one day to play Esperance in the CAF champions league match in Tunis, Gor Mahia players are in high spirit and the mood is fantastic in camp here in Tunis – Tunisia. 

The team will be training today for the second day after a successful first day of training under the watch of technical bench and club officials. Talking about the team spirit and good state of mind in the team, Frank Ouna – the team manager, pointed out the needed for players to be in high spirit and at a relaxed state of mind ahead of a big clash like tomorrow’s one.

“It’s always good to have the team in high spirit with nothing bothering them when preparing for such kind of matches. They need total concentration on what is in store because any attempt to derail them by districting factors, will mean disaster in their performance.

At the moment, the team is 100 percent fine and the spirit is high and that’s what we want,” said Ouna. Gor Mahia will be playing an attacking kind of football against Esperance who have two goals advantage over them and hopes are high of scoring goals.

Bobby Williamson appreciates training facilities in Tunis

Published on 08 March 2014


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 Gor Mahia head coach Bobby Williamson appreciated the training facilities provided for his team ahead of the return leg preliminary match against Esperance on Sunday.

“This is one of the best training ground we have trained on as a team. It is far better than what we have back in Kenya and we need nothing more than such facilities to prepare for the match,” said Williamson.

The team manager Farnk Ouna also praised the training facilities provided for the team in readiness for Sunday.

“The training facilities are so excellent for the team. Perfect ground, perfect environment and just five minutes drive from the hotel,” said Ouna.
“We are in good shape and the spirit is high so what we are doing is just to get the team ready for Sunday with some light training,” he added. The team held two training sessions on the first day and they will have one more day to prepare before the match day.

Key players arrived to join the rest in Tunis

Published on 07 March 2014


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 The six key players who remained behind for international duties with their national teams landed safely in Tunis at exactly 2pm ( 4pm Kenyan time).
Dependable defenders David Owino and Musa Mohamed , midfielders Anthony Akumu, Timonah Wanyonyi were all away to Sudan to play the host though the match was never played due to match venue confusion.

The other two players are striker Dan Sserunkuma and midfielder Goefrey Kizito who were in Zambia with Uganda Cranes to take part in FIFA friendly matches played mid week.

The team is now complete and the spirit is high ahead of the return leg of preliminary champions league match against Esperance of Tunisia.

CAF Watch: Esperance striker ruled out for one month.

Published on 07 March 2014


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 Esperance Sportive de Tunis will miss the services of Cameroonian striker Yannick Ndjeng in the CAF Champions League 1st round return leg match against Gor Mahia on Sunday.
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 Voting at EaseLong Voting Queues

Long Voting Queues

Intrigued by the election malfunctions and contentions after general elections especially in Africa, McAndrews Company Limited found and decided to come up with a way to ease and make elections user friendly and transparent through software technology utilizing the most common medium in use today and that is the mobile phone thus MOBILE KURA (M-KURA) was born.

M-KURA, is our flagship product and is Swahili meaning “M-BALLOT”. Elections are held everywhere in all countries and are diverse ranging from:-

  • Club Elections
  • University Students Elections
  • Company AGM Elections
  • SACCO Elections
  • Political Party Elections
  • Professional Association Elections and many others..


The M-KURA application has been developed to make voting easier for all and sundry. We came up with this idea of creating a way in which people would vote in an election using their mobile phone another first from Kenya if implemented. Kenya is being dubbed the next silicon valley of Africa following its ever new innovations in I.T. and Mobile based applications that tend to make life easier for the common man on the street to either do business or to carry on with their life “hustle” free.

The m-Kura (mobile voting) idea was born from seeing the challenges that people go through here in Kenya and around Africa when voting in elections. They have proven to be an expensive affair for both the voting public and the body carrying on the elections thus the idea of using the most convenient and cost effective tool that is in use in our  country Kenya  and the world at large, the mobile phone.

Mobile phone penetration in the world and especially here in Kenya is at an all time high and we believe that only a very small percent of the adult population (voting public) have no access to the mobile phone and the margin gets slimmer every  day


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You can take your money to hell’ Dr Kidero rattles Equity Bank CEO

Forget the screaming headline of this article, Dr Kidero is not some Eliud Owalo to be unprofessional in language. But, he has done to Equity Bank exactly that! Kidero has gone head-on with James Mwangi. In the coming weeks and months, expect a lot of dirt.

Equity Bank has been dangling its financial monopoly of Kenya’s public sector for a while now. With the rise of GEMA power and politics in the last decade, Equity Bank has been one of the more popular public emblems of that ingenuity, or collaboration, and, with that, it has done what every dictator do: “go too far”.

Because of Equity Bank’s ‘black-market manner’ of conducting businesses, a new Sherrif in Nairobi City government had to put up its ‘stick’ to counter the ‘carrot’. This will end to a loss in a political career.

Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero, himself a former CEO, has ended  the stranglehold of Equity Bank on Nairobi County services.

The Bank will lose billions on revenue collection deal it signed with the defunct Nairobi City Council, the forerunner to the current county government.

Here is the story:

In 2011, Equity Bank advanced a loan to Nairobi City Council for what a corrupt city hall said was to pay outstanding creditors. City Hall, despite its massive revenue base, had debts running into billions. Equity Bank Debt stood at 5 billion shillings.

However, to repay this debt, the bank kept on changing the interest rate terms. Initially, the interest rate was at 10 per cent which the bank upshot to 18. 9 percent. When Dr Kidero took over, the new county government decided to force Equity into ‘clean’ business. These terms, according to city hall, were very unfriendly.

Because Equity Bank became intransigent, which precipitated a fallout, Dr Kidero got a new partner in Kenya Commercial Bank, who took over the outstanding balance (ksh 3.34 billion), repaid it in full (to Equity Bank) with an advance of Ksh 700 million to the county, bringing the loan amount to 4 billion.

In return, Dr Kidero has given KCB a revenue collection deal to collect the County’s Wages. What next brings us to the ongoing Matatu strike.

H. E Dr. Evans Kidero. Governor of Nairobi

H. E Dr. Evans Kidero. Governor of Nairobi

Because Dr Kidero has insisted the Matatu industry services in Nairobi must be automated. The sector – currently the biggest tax evaders – will also come under KCB collection dragnet. Not only has equity lost business, it has also lost opportunity. Again, this means KCB becomes the County’s primary financial transaction patner. In layman’ terms, the Nairobi County government account at Equity Bamk is getting closed down. Dr Kidero will henceforth keep his money at KCB.

Now, those who love politics see the connection, right? I tell you, the Mt. Kenya Mafia will fight viciosly back. Already, as usual, they have stared by using their holoi poloi but wait until this thing gets to parliament and the judiciary complete with executive meddling that’s when you know Kenya ina wenyewe.

Just so you know what we are taking about: KCB has for the fourth straight year beaten Equity. In the year ending 2013, posted a net profit increase of 17.5 per cent with Equity Bank trailing 9.9 percent which translated to Ksh 14.34 billion and 13. 28 billion respectively.

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