Voting at EaseLong Voting Queues

Long Voting Queues

Intrigued by the election malfunctions and contentions after general elections especially in Africa, McAndrews Company Limited found and decided to come up with a way to ease and make elections user friendly and transparent through software technology utilizing the most common medium in use today and that is the mobile phone thus MOBILE KURA (M-KURA) was born.

M-KURA, is our flagship product and is Swahili meaning “M-BALLOT”. Elections are held everywhere in all countries and are diverse ranging from:-

  • Club Elections
  • University Students Elections
  • Company AGM Elections
  • SACCO Elections
  • Political Party Elections
  • Professional Association Elections and many others..


The M-KURA application has been developed to make voting easier for all and sundry. We came up with this idea of creating a way in which people would vote in an election using their mobile phone another first from Kenya if implemented. Kenya is being dubbed the next silicon valley of Africa following its ever new innovations in I.T. and Mobile based applications that tend to make life easier for the common man on the street to either do business or to carry on with their life “hustle” free.

The m-Kura (mobile voting) idea was born from seeing the challenges that people go through here in Kenya and around Africa when voting in elections. They have proven to be an expensive affair for both the voting public and the body carrying on the elections thus the idea of using the most convenient and cost effective tool that is in use in our  country Kenya  and the world at large, the mobile phone.

Mobile phone penetration in the world and especially here in Kenya is at an all time high and we believe that only a very small percent of the adult population (voting public) have no access to the mobile phone and the margin gets slimmer every  day


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