The Luo Festival

Luo Festival on the way
17th April 2014, 12:10
Sir David Ochieng’

Nairobi – “To my Luo brothers. You only live once, live well. Luo is not a tribe, it is a calling”- Oj John Oballa.

This is the slogan behind the latest contribution to the Kenyan Cultural festivals, the Luo Festival.

Known for being people of great pride in their culture and affluence, the Luo community, in conjunction with The Standard Group, Arena Media, The Youth Fund, Nairobi County and the Carnivore Restaurant presents the cultural festivals, from the 26th to 27th of April 2014.

It will feature some of the best performers from the lake side including Suzanna Owiyo, Princess Jully and IdieAchieng among many others.
MC’s for the night will be Eric Omondi, Jalango, Otoyo, Wilbroda and OwagoNyiro.

This is the first of what we hope should be a string of cultural festivals from across the country to celebrate the cultural diversity in this country.

This has not been done before and it should be one to attend. Entry fees are at KES 2 000 for day passes and KES 3 000 for the season pass.

To get a better idea of what will be going down, check out this advertisement meant for the festival.

The Luo Festival,scheduled for 26th & 27th of April 2014 is bound to be the biggest festival to grace the Carnivore grounds yet!

This will be an event to celebrate the Luo Culture, sponsored by The Standard Media Group among other companies.There will be performances by the likes of Suzanna Owiyo, Princess Jully, Idie Achieng to mention but a few. The MCs of the event will be Jalang’o, Eric Omondi, Otoyo, Wilbroda and Owago Onyiro. Imagine that combination of MCs! Nothing but laughter.

A festival is not complete without loads of food and a wide variety from which to pick. Worry not #foodies, you will be well sorted in that department and so will the fashion lovers as there will be a fashion show too. Pretty cool huh?

The tickets to the event will be Ksh. 3,000 for a seasonal ticket or Ksh. 2000 per day. You have enough time to save up!

Remember, you don’t have to be a Luo to attend this event.

Check out the cool trailer of the Luo Festival. The voice behind it is quite something!!!

Video Courtesy of Phelix Jalang’o

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95% Of HIV Positive MPs, Senators, Governors from Kenya PICK their ARVs Abroad, Learn WHY!

The recent research done by the International Institute for HIV/AIDS Control and management reveals that most kenyan politicians, parastatal chiefs and business leaders who have tested positive for HIV/AIDS travels abroad to collect their ARVs despite the fact that the drugs are being provided free of charge in most Health facilities in the country.

Some of these politicians travels to Western countries at least once a month within less than ten picking their drugs within Africa; 2 MPs pick their drugs in Kigali, Rwanda, Four MPs and a Governor pick their DOSES from South Africa, 1 former MP and a Senator picks their rounds from Kampala Uganda.
About 23 legislators in the current National Assembly and senate collect their drugs from UK, With a certain deputy governor from Nyanza going all the way to Coventry City to take the drugs.
The research reveals that more leaders have Dubai in the united Arab emirates as their collection point .

The research linked this habit to fear of being identified by people and guarding of reputation and dignity , though some of these personalities like one contraversial ODM legislator have severally been heard disclosing his status and still travels to Dubai every month to pick ARV.


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