About Me

About Me

Born: 3rd April, 1984, in Homa Bay County
Spouse: Ednah Sabina Moronya
Party: ODM
Religion: Islam
Parents: Mr. Charles Ochieng Oranyo and Mrs. Rachel Aoko Ochieng.
Children: Aisha Fatima, Abdilahi Nassir, Issa Kassim, Rama Salim.



Manga Primary School (1998)
Kisumu South Adventist Secondary School (2009) 
Foundation Institute of Africa (2009 – 2011)




Early Life

David Ochieng was born at Homa Bay Church Missionary Society Hospital, in Homa Bay District, Nyanza Province on 3rd April 1984 to Rachel Aoko Ochieng and Charles Ochieng Oranyo.
His father served as the first Black Medical Doctor at Alupe in Busia after having served under White Doctors at King George Hospital now Kenyatta National Hospital.
He went to Kendu Muslim Primary school, Maguti Primary School, Manga Primary and Luora Secondary School where he stayed until 2001.He then dropped out of School due to Domestic Unrest.
He proceeded to Kisumu City as a junior to make ends meet where he did manual duties in an un informal jua kali sector for close to one a half years before proceeding to Mombasa County for greener pastures in an in formal sector with a hope of one day aching his dreams of being an academia.

In Mombasa City County he started as a welding trainee and later a welding foreman at the same shop Kanson s &Sons Welding Shop at Bamburi Estate. After a period of about nine months he left and ventured into the Jua kali sector of building and construction once again due to health reasons associated with welding light rays. Two months later he joined fayaz Bakery and confectionery as a hands on boy, then to food substance mixing boy, then to dough making boy then to ovenry before being fired on allegations of theft.

From fayaz he proceeded to Supa loaf mini bakery almost immediately as a general bakery worker then to oven man before finally being promoted to unit supervisor. In the meantime he got married to a short period love of his life a young Ednah Sabina in 2005 almost immediately after a short period of cohabiting as husband and wife from December 24th 2004.
Between 2004 and 2011 turned out to him as the darkest historical moment since it’s the time he lost his beloved sister Elizabeth, father Charles and Mother Rachel in a row. Following the 2007/2008 post poll violence that rocked the Country, he decided to travel back to Kisumu with some cash savings to return to School and start up some meaningful business. He spent the next two years at the Foundation Institute of Africa, a part of the Michael Kisoi Education Scholarship Schemes at the Kisumu Campus in Kisumu County.

Due to an economic downturn and extreme poverty, Ochieng spared no Job and even became a Boda Boda rider between 2001 August and 2002 November for sustainability purposes before heading to Mombasa Kenya where he joined informal building and construction sector. He later rejoined Studies in a formal Schooling to attain a further Diploma in Human Resources Management, Certificate in ICT and HIV management in various colleges having dropped out of School for seven years earlier in form three.

Personal Life
Baptized as an Adventist in his youth, Ochieng later became a Born-Again Christian through an Evangelical church in Kendu Bay, Before Informally Reverting to Islam while attending Kendu Muslim Primary School at an early age.
Ochieng is married to Ednah Sabina Moronya (ne’e Velma). They live in Kibos, Kisumu, and have a second home at Oriabengi Farm, in the Homa Bay District.

The couples have four children: Aisha (born 2005), Abdilahi (born 2008) Issa (Ochieng Jr. (born 2012) and Khadija (born 2013). Aisha is named after Elizabeth Anyango and Abdilahi after Charles Ochieng ( aka Onyadhi). Aisha is currently studying at Asumbi National School in Homa Bay County.
In an interview with Citizen TV Kenya in January 2008, Ochieng is a cousin of U.S. president Barack Obama through Obama’s father. Obama’s father came from the same Luo Community of Alego Kakan from Siaya who migrated to (Alego) Kendu Bay of Homa Bay County just like Ochieng’s from (Alego) Kagan of Homa Bay County in Ndiru , the same community as that of Raila Odinga’s mother.

Ochieng briefly played soccer for Kendu Muslim as a left winger. He also participated a lot in religious activities like being the Secretary General of Young Christian Association (YCA) and a member of a discipline Scouting Society throughout his Education life earning various titles from various Schools and Institutions. He also helped found F.I.A Muslim Community at Foundation Institute of Africa.

Ochieng was elected by the Foundation Institute of Africa Students Union as their Leader after having actively participated in its formation in 2009 September 4th, which involved Samuel Otieno Ochieng, Steven Oduor, Samuel Nyambuoro, Oliver Rivers and Leonard kubasu.


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