Tok K’Omwanda

Nyamweya, our home is Tok K’Omwanda.


The last time I checked, it is these same faces that were sitting in the Football Kenya Federation’s so called offices in the year 2010. What amazes me is how fast they seem to forget. What earth would erase one’s memory so flat in just two years?

The KPL season 2010 saw an ending not far in difference from what this season’s final day is bracing for, a title race to the wire.

For the first time in so many years the federation had to unleash the league replica trophy and table it at Tok K’Omwanda. Gor Mahia Fc was firmly in the race for top honours though playing catch up to eventual victors Ulinzi Stars.

Gor Mahia only managed a barren draw against their hosts Nairobi City Stars while home side Ulinzi Stars walloped Naivasha based Karuturi Sports 2-0 to lift the coveted original league trophy presented in Nakuru.

Nobody question the capacity of our home ground and the possibility of a big crowd attending the match.

In the following season, on Thursday 25th August 2011, Gor Mahia FC and it’s ardent followers hit the road to Awendo Green stadium. Most of you would wonder what business a city based football giant would be headed to do in the land of vast sugar cane plantations in the middle of the week.

Your guess is as good as right, Gor Mahia was honouring a KPL league encounter against Sony Sugar FC and the club’s passionate followers were on the trail, never staying behind.

What should not escape us is the fact that the so called Football Kenya Federation had carried out a pre-event venue audit and resolved that the hosts, Sony Sugar Fc, had no other option but to looking for an alternative ground. For their Awendo Green Stadium home ground lacked in capacity to host Gor Mahia FC.

Then there was an option, Nakuru’s Afraha Stadium. All seemed set for the encounter until some loose head obanda’s downed their machetes. Many wondered why sugarcane plantation labourers would go on strike.

They –obanda’s- were protesting over the change of match venue. Why would anyone want to deny them the year’s only chance to watch the Mighty K’Ogalo play?

But stupid as it may sound, the federation granted the obanda’s their wish. The match was moved from the weekend date to the mid-week Thursday. The federation thought that would be an inconvenience to the travelling green army fans.

But they were wrong. We braved our commitments, travelled from the capital and together with the great Kisumu City followers we burst the gates of Awendo green stadium. The general state of the stadium was wanting, from the playing ground to the terraces.

Once again nobody took notice of the large crowd that was in attendance.

First forward to season 2012 and one would indeed agree that Kenyan football is run with greed and not brains.

KPL top 8 tournament grounds to a halt after the SSMB indefinitely bans Gor Mahia from using two of their major facilities, Nyayo National Stadium and Moi International Sports Centre – Kasarani.

Now on the federation’s semi-final fixture was Gor Mahia vs. AFC leopards. With the ban on Gor Mahia by SSMB playing it’s part, there was no other venue to host the derby.

Once again driven by their greed for money and not thought from the brain, the federation went ahead to schedule the match for Nakuru’s Afraha Stadium.

Questions were then asked: What is the capacity of the stadium? What are the security arrangements in place? Why risk the lives of football loving citizens just for the money?
News was made out of this and the shameless federation had to re-think the decision.

More shame unto them since AFC Leopards chickened out of the encounter and their greed was never fulfilled. Wonder what actions they took against Leopards with the threats that followed.

Now I ask:
Why have the numbers never been considered before?
If 90,000 fans want to watch the final match where will it be hosted?
Why are the defending champions playing at the Hope Centre?

It’s been a 17 years long wait and K’Ogalo is on course to re-write it’s history. Yes, we will win the league and the federation and the other associated shenanigans must let our peace be. We are gearing up for the grand finale and it must not be anywhere else but Tok K’Omwanda.

Our destiny lies in our hands and we know best how and where to determine it. We have been bullied more enough and this time round we must stand for who we are, The Mighty K’Ogalo.

All this cacophony from the external derailers led by the so called federation must be given the deaf ear. We only know of one home ground – Tok K’Omwanda.

Kevin Ghai Mbuya


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