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Mango Tree    

A Farmer’s Analogy I consider a blog like a tree.

A tree has its roots on fertile and firm ground.
A blog is anchored to the imagination of its author, grounded in the basic principle of freedom of expression with responsibility.
A tree rises with a strong trunk to mature. A blog will build up its creator’s confidence to persevere. 
A tree creates new branches and greening leaves.
A blog will offer greater possibilities to provide its writer a medium to hone his writing skills by producing meaningful content.
A tree will attract every creature under its shade.
A blog will persuade visitors, who manage their own blogs, to stay for a time and interact.
A tree will produce fragrant flowers that will eventually bloom.
A blog will store memorable posts that will blossom in the hearts and minds of readers.
A tree will bear fruits that will taste as sweet as honey.
A blog will give its creator the satisfying fruits of his labor.
A tree. A blog.

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