My Family


Father: Sir Charles Ochieng Oranyo
Mother(s): (Grace Aloo), Rachel Aoko, (Lucy Aoko)
Sons: Abdilahi AhmedNassir, Gift Hemmed, Isa Kassim, Rama Salim
Daughter: Aisha Fathma
Brother: Benard Omondi, Samson Oranyo, Peter Oluoch, Robert Oranyo, Stephen Ouma
Sisters: Benter Akoth, Elizabeth Anyango (The late), Dorcas Atieno, Otieno, Jenipher, Susan, Alice, Atieno, Judith
Grandfather: Joseph Oranyo Ochieng (paternal), Joas Dwalo Duolo (maternal)
Grandmother : Susan Anyango- Nyondiwa (paternal), Miriam Muga-Nyakumu(maternal)
Cousins: Denis Odero, Michael Odero, Ben Odero, Kennedy Oyongo, Kephers Oyongo, Dickens Oyongo, Jerry Oyongo, Kalvince Oyongo, Helix Odhiambo, Arnold Otieno
Nephews: Peter Agwa, Chrispo Agwa, Nick Oranyo, Harris Okoth, James Onyango, Gerald Thorpe
Nieces: Jacinta Okumu, Jennet Okumu, She line Awuor, Naomi Awino, Ruth Akinyi, Felishia Akinyi

My Family

Also popularly known to his funs as Abukochieng101 or just Abukochieng is a Kenyan Philanthropist who is a famous Businessman and Community Worker, an Outstanding Public figure.

“Pessimists say that the family is eroding. Optimists say the family is diversifying. Both points of view are right. Families are more diverse and they are more in trouble-but not because of their diversity. The families of today-whatever their size or shape-are in crisis because our economy is failing, our national resources are shrinking, and our governmental policies to support them are inadequate.” 

In human context, a family (from Latin: familia) is a group of people affiliated by consanguinity (by recognized birth), affinity (by marriage), or co-residence/shared consumption (see Nurture kinship). Christopher Harris notes that the western conception of family is ambiguous, and confused with the household, as revealed in the different contexts in which the word is used:
“We have seen that people can refer to their relatives as ‘the family.’ ‘All the family turned up for the funeral…. But of course, my brother didn’t bring his family along – they’re much too young.’ Here the reference is to the offspring (as distinct from ‘all’ the family).

My family is extended to include my niece Shay line and the Orphans. It is nice, the whole family turning up like that.’ Here the usage is more open than ‘relatives’ or ‘my relatives,’ but includes just both parents off springs and the community at large in need. ‘Of course, the children will be leaving home soon. It’s always sad to see the family break up like that.’ Here the reference is not only to parents and children but to their co-residence, that is, to the household.”


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